Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga, the shock of generations

Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga, the shock of generations

A look at the Warriors’ roster makes it possible to make the big difference. The oldest of the players? Andre Iguodala, 38 years old. The youngest? Jonathan Kumingahalf less… Such a generational gap could have played tricks on the Warriors.

« I have come to understand that today’s 18-19 year olds are not 19 year olds when I was 19 at the time. Totally different generations. […] The world we live in is totally different from the world Jonathan Kuminga lives in than the world I was in when I was 19 », remarks for example Draymond Green.

The latter, which explained recently preferred behave like a father with Jonathan Kuminga rather than like a big brother, believes that he “ you need to know which buttons to press, how to reach them, and how best to do so. […] We try to get in touch with these guys and say, ‘Hey, man, I’m going to do this, you should come with me,’ and that’s not what they want to do. In the end, I understand that he doesn’t hate me, but that I’m 32 and he’s 19, and that what I like to do may not be cool to him. »

Jonathan Kuminga mocking?

The inside of the Warriors takes as an example a conversation he had at the start of the season with one of his personal trainers, Travis Walton, who asked him how his relationship with the rookie was evolving.

« Trav, frankly, every time he sees me passing by, he starts laughing Draymond Green retorted to him that day. « Oh, he finds you funny The other bounced. « I don’t think he finds me funny, I think he makes fun of me “, Continues the veteran before adding:” Imagine when you see an old man do something, you’ll laugh and say, ‘I saw you OG! ‘ (for “original gangster” used to talk about someone from “old school”). »

Draymond Green thus feels older in the eyes of his rookie. « Ok, he looks at me like I might look at a 55 year old man, his look, his style, his way of moving. He looks at me like that. It helped me better understand how I should behave with him. And so it was a discovery, with ups and downs, frustration, setbacks, discussions with others like Andre and Shaun (Livingston), to understand how they did it. »

More wisdom

Stephen Curry, 34, has a lesser sense of belonging. Sometimes he thinks about it but not ” too often because I don’t want to feed it. I want to feel like I’m still in my ‘bonus’ as long as I can go on the field and play like I do. It is when the leader, and father, asks his younger teammates what they plan to do after a workout, for example, that he realizes: ” My day is a little different. »

Klay Thompson, on the other hand, doesn’t quite consider himself an elder. « Even though we’ve been playing for 32 years, it’s very young in terms of life. It’s just that we’re seen growing up because the camera is on us. I still feel very young, and I still think I have some good years ahead of me. »

However, the defender admits that he has gained wisdom since his first appearance in the NBA Finals. In 2015, he was 25 years old. « So I can be an elder in that sense. »

In any case, his loyal partner, Stephen Curry, says he appreciates the influence they can have on Jonathan Kuminga and the others. « Because it will prepare them for success, if all goes well, when they become veterans in the league, they will find their way and become real professionals. This sometimes involves good one-on-one conversations. Other times, it’s just a matter of setting an example by going to work every day. It’s pretty cool to be old and be able to pass on that wisdom to the young. »

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