Djokovic - Nadal - Goran Ivanisevic clash: "All the better if 80% of the public is against Novak"

Djokovic – Nadal – Goran Ivanisevic clash: “All the better if 80% of the public is against Novak”

Goran Ivanisevic is never stingy with words. Even before a big date. Last year, the Croatian claimed in the draw that he was delighted that his foal, Novak Djokovic, is in the same half of the table as Rafael Nadal. In his eyes, it was “easier” for him to face the master of the place before the final. Rather, the facts proved him right.

While the 59th duel between Djokovic and Nadal will take place in Roland-Garros on Tuesday night, the former Wimbledon winner handed over the cover to the Croatian press in an interview with SportKlub. For him, “there are no favorites in this match. There will be tension, there is always tension, but there will be positive tension. Then when two players have faced each other 58 times, they know each other by heart. “


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These two do know each other by heart. Yet Goran Ivanisevic believes that there is “always new things to find tactically“So he prepares those matches with great care.”I reviewed their game ten times last year (the Roland-Garros semi-final, ed.), And the previous year’s game (the 2020 final). Sunday, I watched almost the whole of Rafa’s match against Felix. There is always something to be found, even if Novak knows what he has to do. “

Nadal-Djokovic on Tuesday night? “At the US Open or Melbourne, the question would never arise”

I like when people are against him

Does Novak Djokovic benefit from the fact that the meeting is held in the evening? Maybe, but that’s an anecdote for Ivanisevic: “Nadal said he didn’t want to play in a night session, Nole said he wanted to, but that doesn’t mean much. If you don’t play well, it doesn’t matter when the game is played. Whether it’s five o’clock in the morning, noon, or nine o’clock in the evening, it won’t change anything. “

And the public? Will he play a role in this 59th opus? What will be his attitude? Highly supported on Sunday in his round of 16 match against FΓ©lix Auger-Aliassime on Central, Rafael Nadal should once again enjoy the support of the crowd, especially as the Majorcan suggested that every game he now plays at Roland -Garros was likely to be the last.

But that doesn’t worry Goran Ivanisevic. On the contrary. “All the better if 80% of the public is against Novakhe believes. I think that will be the case but it’s better that way. I love when people are against him, it gives him a reason to be angry and even hungrier. “”No one handles this kind of situation better than he does, not only today but in the history of tennisconfirms Eurosport consultant John McEnroe. I couldn’t do it as well as he could. Sometimes it made me stronger, but not always. While he feeds on it every time. “

We have to show respect to Rafa, but not too much

In any case, the world number one Croatian coach wants to be confident in the approach of the shock. “Of course he believes in victoryoire, assures Ivanisevic. He reaches his peak of form, just as he had hoped. Novak knows how strong he is. To me, to all his fans, he is the greatest player of all time, but he has to face a man who has won Roland-Garros 13 times. It’s like entering someone’s house. We’re going to play in his living room. We have to show respect to Rafa, but not too much. “

For his coach, Djokovic must be “ready to play 27 sets and 57 hours“When he enters the court against Nadal. Even more so here at Roland Garros. And if he has full confidence in his champion, he makes a wish: that he return to his game faster than his last two years: “In my opinion, Novak needs to start better. If you look at the last two games here, it goes 6-0 in the first set two years ago. Last year, he was led 5-0 in two minutes. He needs to be focused from the start, he needs to talk less, stay focused, not lose energy on trifles and not talk to me. He has to focus on himself from the very beginning. “

When Novak shows the moon, Goran already sees the Musketeers Cup.

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