"destroyed" video surveillance footage, senators in the dark

“destroyed” video surveillance footage, senators in the dark

The senators intended to shed light on the incidents at the Stade de France on May 28. But as the Champions League final is over, the situation becomes more complex. “The further we go, the more shadowy areas emerge and new information challenges us.”, summarizes Michel Savin, senator Les Républicains (LR) de l’Isère. On Thursday, June 9, the parliamentarians learned with astonishment the destruction, for lack of requisition, of the video surveillance images of the Stade de France.

Officials of the French Football Federation (FFF) were invited to explain the “Malfunctions seen by millions of viewers”, as stated by the chairman of the Senate Committee on Culture and Education, Laurent Lafon. Either scenes of panic on the outskirts of the Dionysian enclosure, fans sprayed with tear gas, others trying to enter without a ticket; and, finally, a thirty-six minute delayed kick-off in the eyes of hundreds of millions of viewers.

If they filmed the whole evening, the video surveillance cameras at the Stade de France will not clarify the situation. “The images are available for seven days. They are then automatically destroyed. A requisition should have been made to supply them to the various populationssaid the director of institutional relations of the FFF, Erwan Le Prévost. Having been on PC security all day, the images are extremely violent. »

An announcement that surprised senators, as the law enforcement device implemented during this match between Liverpool and Real Madrid is the subject of much controversy. “It simply came to our notice then. (…) There is evidence that has been destroyed by at least incompetence. “closed Paris Socialist Senator David Assouline.

The images claimed this Thursday

Why didn’t the Bobigny prosecutor’s office, which opened an investigation into counterfeit fraud on Tuesday, May 31, following a report from the prefect of police, claim these images? “The only investigation that has been officially seized by the public prosecutor’s office concerns the fake banknotes, and there is no need for FFF images to identify the traffickers.”says a source close to the investigation, nevertheless surprised by the destruction of the images. “The legal retention period for video surveillance is one month” at the Stade de France, justifies this same source.

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