Delphine Wespiser kisses Roger, Carine Galli in love with Giovanni Castaldi at Roland Garros

Delphine Wespiser kisses Roger, Carine Galli in love with Giovanni Castaldi at Roland Garros

The quarterfinals began at Roland Garros. This Tuesday, May 31, will be the game of the fortnight, opposing Rafael Nadal et Novak Djokovic on the Philippe Chatrier court. A meeting that very lucky spectators will have the opportunity to attend failing to watch it in front of a screen. To encourage them, people picked up their entrance ticket. Carine Galli, a sports journalist, was in the front row to watch the matches. She even posed with his companion for two years, Giovanni Castaldihalf-brother of Benjamin Castaldi and son of Jean-Pierre.

Another flagship couple of the day: Delphine Wespiser. Absent from Don’t touch my post for several weeks, partly because of the filming of the upcoming broadcasts of Fort Boyardthe beautiful Alsatian, chic in a white and taupe striped suit-shorts, showed up in the arms of Roger, his 26-year-old sweetheart more than she. Everything is rolling for the couple, more in love than ever. The duo even exchanged a kiss in front of the lenses between two smiles addressed to the photographers. In the arms of his wife Delphine, Christophe Michalak proved that he had completely recovered from his serious bicycle accident occurred last December in Paris. Hand in hand with the mother of his son Victor, the pastry chef was a real cabbage with his wife!

Claude Lelouch left the cameras in the closet to focus on the exchanges, his wife Valérie Perrin by his side. He crossed paths with several actors, including Thomas Njigol, who came with him his daughter-in-law Gina Jimenez. Marc Lavoine tightened the grip on astronaut Thomas Pesquet, Aurélie Saada and singer Patrick Bruel posed. The star of TucheSarah Stern, was also present, as Marine Lorphelincame without her fiancé Christophe Malmezac. The sad setback of a very long distance relationship for which lovers, still a couple after 8 years of history, would well deserve a medal …

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