Debbie Lynch-White receives the Laurent-McCutcheon Award

Debbie Lynch-White receives the Laurent-McCutcheon Award

Actress Debbie Lynch-White received the Laurent-McCutcheon Award from the Emergency Foundation.

Photo Agency QMI, Joel Lemay

He was honored on Wednesday at the 20th edition of the Awards Ceremony, which brings to light individuals and organizations that have helped advocate for the rights of LGBTQ + people.

Debbie Lynch-White “affirmed her lesbianism from the very beginning of her career, and she positively publicized her privacy and love affair to be an example of openness and tolerance in order to make the general public aware of their reality, ”a statement said.

Recall that Laurent McCutcheon founded the Emergence Foundation in the year 2000 and spent his life as an activist advocating for the rights of LGBTQ + people. He passed away in July 2019.

QMI Agency

Two other people and an organization were also greeted. The Janette-Bertrand Award was presented to Alice Nkom, “Cameroon’s very first female lawyer and a leading activist in the field of LGBTQ + advocacy in West Africa.”

Sébastien St-Jean / QMI Agency

The Prix Hommage académique was awarded to Michel Dorais, “a Quebec sociologist, an indispensable specialist in gender and sexuality, and author of books that have become references around the world by providing essential insight into understanding the issues of the various LGBTQ + communities ”.

Finally, the Coup de Cœur Award was presented to the Defense Team Pride Advisory Organization. This “group of volunteers […] supports and supports more than 300 members of the LGBTQ + community on the Canadian Defense Team. Together, they have already carried out several structuring actions that have directly contributed to the well-being of these diverse communities by providing an environment of dignity and respect for all, ”it said.

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