Death of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters): His widow Alison breaks the silence

Death of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters): His widow Alison breaks the silence

Taylor Hawkins is died in his hotel room in Colombia on Friday, March 25, 2022 at the age of 50. The cause of death has not been disclosed the singer had opioids, marijuana and antidepressants in his body.

Member of the Foo Fighters since 1997, Taylor Hawkins was the lead drummer for the alternative rock band. As soon as his sudden death was announced, many personalities from the music world paid a vibrant tribute to him, starting with the members of his own band. “The Foo Fighters are devastated by the tragic and untimely loss of our beloved Taylor Hawkins. Her musical spirit and contagious laughter will live with us all forever.”Foo Fighters wrote on Instagram on March 26th.

Taylor Hawkins’ widow Alison finally speaks

Married to Taylor Hawkins since 2005 and has remained silent since the announcement of her husband’s death, his widow Alison posted a long message on Twitter on Wednesday, June 8: “My deepest thanks and admiration goes out to the global Foo Fighters community, and to Taylor fans around the world, for the immense love each of you has shown to our dear Taylor. Your kindness has been a invaluable comfort to my family and me during this unimaginable time of grief, the mother of Oliver Shane (16) and Annabelle Hawkins (13) spoke. As Taylor’s wife, and on behalf of our children, I want to tell you how much you cared for him and how much he worked hard to impress you with each performance. Taylor was honored to be part of the Foo Fighters and enjoyed his dream role in the band every minute of his 25 years with them. We consider every member of the group and the expanded Foo Fighters team as our family (…) Thank you all again for your love and sympathy. Taylor loved you all and we love you too. “

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