Cyril Hanouna makes revelations about Alessandra Sublet after announcing her departure from TF1 (VIDEO)

Cyril Hanouna makes revelations about Alessandra Sublet after announcing her departure from TF1 (VIDEO)

A decision that took the PAF by surprise. This Thursday, April 7, Alessandra Sublet announced its intention tostop her career as a TV host at the end of the season. “This time, it’s final. […] At TF1, it didn’t surprise them that much. In December, Ara Aprikian (Head of News Programs, ed.) and I had a conversation. I had told him I wanted to try new adventures. When I make a choice, it is because it is well thought out. No argument could change my mind“, she explained in an interview with Parisian. The presenter of This is Canteloup and jury of Mask Singer will soon leave TF1. At 45, she wants to pursue a new dream: to become an actress.

“The door is open in the Canal + group”

The Alexandra Sublet’s choice might be to his delight, as she amused herself after her shock announcement. But it also saddens others. This Friday, April 8, in Don’t touch my post, Cyril Hanouna thus regretted the host’s choice to turn off the television. I’m a little sad for her, because I love her as a facilitator. I think it’s really one of the best, and I love it humanly too. “, he says at first. Baba regrets so much that the host stops the TV and then goes so far as to make a personal call: “I hope she’s going to do some fiction … and she’ll join us in the band soon to do some animation. So I call him. Alessandra, if you look at me, the door is open in the Canal + group for youas I always told you … Even on Canal, we could do things with it “. And the facilitator insisted: “She’s a friend. I love Alessandra.”.

Cyril Hanouna’s revelations about Alessandra Sublet

If Alessandra Sublet is looking for a new TV house, she will be welcomed with open arms by Cyril Hanouna. The host then reveals that he has almost worked with her before. “It simply came to our notice thenthat was five years ago, instead ofWhat does Camille think? We were ok with Alessandra, everything was OK, he recalls. But the management of the chain had slowed down with all four irons: “It was Ara Aprikian, the former boss of C8, who warmed me upwho had told me: ‘Do you believe? Alessandra Sublet? I’m not sure. “Cyril Hanouna had insisted, but in the end he didn’t: “She had chosen to stay on TF1. She had an appointment with the former boss of TF1, Nonce Paolini, and he had convinced her to stay in the group. But it is true that Alessandra had already almost come to take the 18 hours of C8. It was almost done “. And Cyril Hanouna to slip that between Ara Aprikian and Alessandra Sublet, it would not necessarily be great love. “After, she found Ara Aprikian, who became her boss on TF1. And I don’t betray any secrets, but I think it was never his cup of teaconcludes Baba.

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