Covid-19: Will a fourth dose be needed to travel this summer during the holidays?

Covid-19: Will a fourth dose be needed to travel this summer during the holidays?

One month before the summer holidays, the question of a new dose of Covid vaccine for travel is in public opinion. At the moment, it is not mandatory to have a second reminder to travel outside and in Europe.

The fourth dose of Covid-19 is open to people over 60 years of age. A recommendation that is not binding. The coronavirus epidemic has been on the rise for several weeks, in France and more generally in Europe. It is therefore not appropriate to strengthen collective immunity.

No 4th dose to travel

“It is known that a second booster vaccination reduces the risk of hospitalization, resuscitation and death by 80%,” the health minister said in April at the opening of the new dose. For now, the global health situation related to Covid-19 does not create new restrictions for vaccinated people with only a reminder. It is therefore not necessary to have the fourth dose to travel.

The conditions of reception of tourists abroad vary from country to country. Some states do not ask no health pass or vaccine to access their territory. It is, however recommended to go on the site of France Diplomacy to find out about the conditions of access to each nation.

Calm before another wave?

In the coming months, a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic could force one or more countries to close their borders under certain conditions. A hypothetical but very real scenario.

“It is highly likely that the circulation of the virus will intensify periodically,” the High Health Authority said in a statement. a statement in May.

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