Covid-19: Demonstrated efficacy of vitamin D in elderly patients

Covid-19: Demonstrated efficacy of vitamin D in elderly patients

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A study by the Angers University Hospital confirms the usefulness of vitamin D in the treatment of Covid-19. This reduces the death rate in at-risk elderly patients.

A study piloted by the Angers University Hospital and labeled by the state demonstrates “with a very high level of evidence” the interest of the use of vitamin D in the treatment against Covid-19, reports Prof. Cédric Annweiler, chef from the geriatric service of the CHU to our colleagues from West France. Named COVIT-TRIAL and published this Tuesday, May 31, in the scientific journal Plos Medicine, this study has an “important and consistent” result, according to the researcher.

“The anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin D significantly reduce the risk of death at 14 days, clearly avoiding the inflammatory rash and cytokine storm seen in severe forms of Covid-19,” observes Cédric Annweiler.

Well known for its calcium-binding effects on the bone, vitamin D is frequently prescribed to children throughout their growth and to the elderly to prevent osteopenia. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to fight infectious and cancerous diseases.

“Significant reduction in the risk of death”

To achieve these results, the researchers solicited 260 patients, “spread across nine French hospitals and their Ehpads.” These were “patients 65 years of age and older with Covid-19 with unfavorable outcome criteria,” and “patients 75 and older with Covid-19 without any other risk factor.” Cédric Annweiler. The latter were randomly divided into two groups. The researchers administered the first “a high dose of vitamin D within 72 hours of diagnosis,” and the second “a much lower dose, always within the same time frame,” according to the professor.

Conclusion: “The administration of the high dose of vitamin D. […] has led to a significant and statistically significant reduction in the risk of death on the sixth day after starting treatment, “says Cédric Annweiler. His team therefore recommends reaching a status as soon as possible satisfying vitamin D in the elderly with Covid-19, using high-dose supplementation as soon as it is diagnosed. “

Last January, 73 French-speaking experts and six learned societies Prof. Cédric Annweiler and Prof. Jean-Claude Souberbielle of the Necker Hospital in Paris emphasized the effectiveness of vitamin D against Covid-19.

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