Covid-19 and 4th dose of vaccine: what are the ministry's current recommendations?

Covid-19 and 4th dose of vaccine: what are the ministry’s current recommendations?

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Six months after the state’s third-dose call to fight the Omicron wave, and as the epidemic has largely subsided, what are the authorities’ recommendations for vaccination against Covid-19?

As of May 30, 2022, nearly 40 million French people benefited of a complete vaccination schedule with booster dose, according to figures from Public Health France. But when it comes to the 4th dose, the proportion of people involved seems so insignificant that the numbers are not even on the health authorities’ dashboard.

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It must be said that for now, the recommendations affect only a small part of the population, although the field was expanded last April. Thus, according to the latest opinion of the High Authority for Health (HAS) dated March 17, 2022, supplemented two weeks later by the opinion of the Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council (COSV), a second dose of recall is now recommended for all persons over 60 years of age, with or without comorbidities, and for all immunocompromised persons, regardless of age.

“No other recommendations at this time”

This second booster dose can be given “from 3 months” after the first booster injection – or contamination less than 3 months after the first booster – for people 80 and older, residents in EHPAD and USLD. This period increases to 6 months for people aged 60 to 79 years.

And for others? “At the moment, no opinion has been issued recommending a second booster dose for the rest of the population,” the Directorate General of Health (DGS) said. A few weeks ago, at the time of announcing the end of the wearing of the compulsory mask in public transport, the then incumbent Minister of Health, Olivier VΓ©ran, had left the door open to a possible new vaccination plan calling for the 4th dose in the fall, “depending on the epidemic situation.” But for now, there is no indication of a change in that direction.

“It’s our appreciation too”

Does this mean that if you are healthy at 40, you should not want to be given a 4th dose? Above all, it means that in principle, no doctor will consent to the vaccine. “When patients who don’t follow the department’s recommendations ask me to have a second booster dose, I tell them it’s not recommended at the moment. They don’t usually insist. , if they have a fear and they show signs of comorbidities, I may do it to them. It is also at our discretion “, a doctor from Toulouse tells us.

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In France today, just over 5,000 people are injected with a booster dose every day, according to data from Public Health France, which does not specify whether it is a first or a second dose. As a reminder, at the height of the recall campaign in mid-December, this number exceeded 850,000 daily doses.

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