Cinema: War Room creators deliver a new Christian film about adoption

Cinema: War Room creators deliver a new Christian film about adoption

It will be released in American cinemas from September 9. Lifemark (“Life Note”) tells the story of a teenager’s quest to find his biological parents. This new Christian film by the Kendrick brothers is based on a true story. They chose actor Kirk Cameron as the adoptive father to create this powerful filial story. The 51-year-old comedian is co-author of The Way of the Master, “The Way of the Master,” which is a practical tool for evangelism, and is the head of the evangelical association of the same name.

After Courageous, War Room or Overcomer, Alex and Stephen, alternately directors and producers, also wanted to focus on the value of life. And this in a context where the United States will potentially overturn the arrest Roe v. Wadewhich has guaranteed the right to abortion at the federal level since 1973.

Moment of prayer before the film is shot. Photo:

“God inspired this movie for us”

Despite the delay in production, linked to the global pandemic, the Kendrick brothers believe that this family film is an encounter with God, especially in modern times. “We know this is a divine rendezvous because God inspired us in 2019,” Stephen Kendrick told CBN.

In addition to addressing a sensitive topic, this is the first time the Kendrick brothers have told a true story. “All of our other films have been like a jumble of biblical truths and amazing stories that we’ve put together into a fictional character,” Stephen Kendrick told CBN. “Interviewing real people and making them appear on set during filming was quite surreal,” he testifies. No release date has been announced for French-speaking countries.

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