Cigale Festival: a real journey of the fighter

Cigale Festival: a real journey of the fighter

Although supported by Québecor’s machine, the new Cigale music festival, which will be held for two days in Beauport Bay in August, has to deal with the same problems related to the rarity of the labor and rising costs than all other music events.

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“For the rental of technical equipment, it takes months in advance. The same goes for the workforce, ”says Dominique Goulet, director of programming.

Fortunately, she notes, Cigale can count on the resources of Québec Groupe Sport et divertissement.

“It’s a fighter’s journey, but we’re going to get there.” »

Rake wide

The organization of Cigale today unveiled all the details of the food offer and the activities that will be offered during the two days of the festival, August 6 and 7.

10,000 people are expected to take part in the event, which will feature Portugal, The Man, Kaleo and Kim Churchill. The artists were chosen based on Cigale’s musical orientation, which wants to set up a casual California-style vibe on the beach.

This means that punk or metal bands are unlikely to find a place on Cigale’s grid, which wants to become an annual rendezvous.

“On the other hand, we still have a long way to go.” One can go into pop and some form of electro, maybe not big housebut something in the style of Polo and Pan or Rüfüs Du Sol, ”says Dominique Goulet.

That said, the festival is set to evolve. It would be amazing, says Goulet, that the organizers move the two scenes from the beach, where they will be erected, to the grass section of the site, but for the rest, “everything will be put on the table” during the review of the first edition.

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