Chloe saved by Stanislas ... The summary of episode 1199 of Thursday, June 2 (spoilers)

Chloe saved by Stanislas … The summary of episode 1199 of Thursday, June 2 (spoilers)

Raphaëlle is gradually let go by those around her who do not understand her relationship with Stanislas. Roxane and Sara react very differently to Bart’s proposal.

Thursday, June 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us… Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret whose current plot echoes her past) admires her engagement ring. Camille is worried about her mother. And he reminds her that they’ve only known each other for three months and asks her to take some time so they can talk to Maud about it. She is convinced that he is only looking to take advantage of her. She is unaware that Stanislas is listening to their conversation and interrupts them when the teen warns her against him. His companion plays the victims and thinks the situation has deteriorated since he accused Dorian. For the lawyer, it was her father who set her up against him. Chloe tries to call him but she refuses to answer because she is afraid she will have to justify her love life with her. Stanislas promises to do everything he can to get on with Camille.

Raphaëlle feels increasingly isolated in her relationship with Stanislas

Meanwhile, Sebastian wants Martin to open an investigation against Stanislas. But he refuses. He warns the cop: if his daughter’s fiancé raises his hand against her again, he will hold her personally responsible. Sara says she recognizes the signs of control in the relationship between Stanislas and Raphael. Camille visits Chloe and informs him of the marriage proposal. She asks him to try to talk to her. Sébastien goes to find his future son-in-law and offers him money to leave. He refuses. For the prosecutor, he attacked the bad family and may have to pay for it at one time or another.

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When Mathilde returns home, she discovers that Stanislas is starting to move into Maud’s room. She blames him. Chloe ends up visiting her friend at her office. She shows him the ring and asks him to be her witness. She tries to alert him but Raphaëlle stops him because she feels like everyone is bonding against her love story.

Roxane and Sara disagree over Bart’s offer to help them become mothers

Sara thinks about Bart’s proposal (Hector Langevin). Roxane reminds him that he wants to play a real role in their child’s life. Sara thinks this can speed up their desire for a child but his wife does not want to share custody of their future baby and gets angry. At the police station, Roxane is very cold towards her partner and refuses to accede to his request to seek information about Stanislas. The computer scientist is afraid that she will raise her head on her own because the subject is too sensitive for her.

Sarah finds Bart. She informs him that they have not yet made a decision. He understands that the two women are not on the same wavelength. He is confident that the three of them would form a great team. He admits that he would not feel able to keep his distance from this child. Later, the two women inform him that they have found an arrangement that suits them both. They say they want this child to be an integral part of their lives but to be a part of their life and be their father but legally they will form the parental couple. This suits their friend. They fall into each other’s arms

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Christelle (Ariane Séguillon) finds Samuel and Victoire and announces to them that Floriane has named her baby Samuel in honor of the doctor. They don’t come back. They hear bursts of voice. The young mother was on the phone with the father of her baby who refuses to meet him. She refuses to raise her son alone. Later, Samuel visits her and even offers her a present. Floriane then talks to Victoire who tries to reassure her. For her, the father will find the reason.

Chloe walks down the street after visiting Raphael. She is attacked by a man when Stanislas saves her from the clutches of her fleeing assailant…

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