check out the exceptional gift chosen by Emmanuel Macron for Elizabeth II |  CNEWS

check out the exceptional gift chosen by Emmanuel Macron for Elizabeth II | CNEWS

To celebrate the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II, French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to offer His Majesty one of the horses of the Republican Guard.

A special present for a special occasion. For the 70th year of the queen’s reign Elizabeth IIEmmanuel Macron has decided to offer one of the 470 horses of the Republican Guard cavalry regiment to the British sovereign who has been passionate about riding since he was a child.

The animal’s name is Fabuleu de Maucour, reports Paris Match, which delivers the pedigree: the standard and its escort ”. “This is the flagship of the regiment’s cavalry,” General Eric Bio Farina told the magazine, praising the equestrian culture of Britain and the royal family.

“The Hungarian performed his first service as a standard-bearer on the Champs-Élysées on May 8,” Paris Match continues. “I wanted a wise horse, representative of the regiment, which pleases the Queen,” said Colonel Gabriel Cortes. I understand that she enjoys gray horses very much. I’m sure nothing can please him more. “

For the record, this is not the first time a Republican Guard horse has been offered. Vrekova of Brekka was notably given to the Chinese president in 2018, but this remains a very rare event. Fabuleu de Maucour is due to be handed over to Windsor Castle this Wednesday, June 1st, and presented on the grounds of the Royal Guard Regiment. Other attendees, including a saddle and a Republican Guard saber, will accompany him, says Paris Match.

Note thatEmmanuel Macron on June 2, the first day of the Platinum Jubilee festivities, will preside over the re-enactment ceremony under the Arc de Triomphe alongside Menna Rawlings, the UK’s ambassador to Paris.

On this occasion, the British anthem “God save the Queen” will be played by the Royal Regiment of Scotland marching band, followed by the Marseillaise by the Republican Guard Orchestra.

The platinum jubileewhich marks the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign, will be marked by numerous celebrations across Britain from Thursday to Sunday.

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