Charlene of Monaco: This new health problem that strikes the Princess

Charlene of Monaco: This new health problem that strikes the Princess

This Saturday, June 4, the Principality of Monaco announced that Princess Charlène, who had recently returned from a long convalescence, had tested positive for Covid-19. The royal palace, however, said his condition was not considered to be of concern.

Another hard blow for Charlène de Monaco. After suffering from health problems for several months, the princess has to deal with the disease again. The principality announced on Saturday, June 4, that it was the wife of Prince Albert II tested positive for Covid-19. “With some symptoms, SAS Princess Charlene tested positive for a Covid-19 test.”the princely palace said in a statement.

In accordance with the health regulations in force, Princess Charlene will be in solitary confinement for several days “added the palace, however, stating that “His health is not a cause for concern.”

Charlène de Monaco’s health condition “still fragile”

Prince Albert II of Monaco also contracted the virus a few months ago. After being first infected at the beginning of the epidemic in 2020, he had was tested positive again at Covid-19 last April.

After a long absence for health concerns, Charlene from Monaco had returned to the Rock last March. In an interview with the Nice-Matin daily on May 25, she still admitted that she was state of health wasstill fragile“But she was positive.”I don’t want to go too fast. The road has been long, difficult and so painful. Today I feel more sereneshe confided.

Since May 12, wearing a mask indoors is no longer mandatory in Monaco outside of health facilities, senior accommodation facilities, public transport and taxis. More than 12,000 people have been infected with Covid-19 in the Principality since the outbreak began, out of a total population of 40,000. As of May 28, the coronavirus incidence rate was 147 per 100,000.

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