Champions League - Stade de France incidents: Real Madrid in turn reacts and charges the organization

Champions League – Stade de France incidents: Real Madrid in turn reacts and charges the organization

“A disastrous image of France”, mentioned Guy Stéphan during the Bleus press briefing. A week later, the Stade de France fiasco continues to spill a lot, a lot of ink. As Liverpool have been stepping up press releases and virulent criticism of the organization since last Saturday, Real Madrid have also spoken out in a statement on Friday.

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And the meringue club doesn’t go with the back of the spoon. Like their English counterparts, the Spanish leaders were very critical of the organization of the event. In particular, the European champion questioned the choice of the Stade de France as the host of the final. Like a spade disguised as UEFA. “We want to know what were the reasons for the designation of the place of the final and what criteria were taken into account given what we experienced that day. ”

Real Madrid fans in the Champions League final at the Stade de France

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The Casa Blanca also denounced the inadmissible treatment suffered by supporters of both sides. “As the uplifting media images have shown, many supporters have been assaulted, harassed, attacked and violently robbed. These events also took place while traveling by car or bus, fearing for their physical integrity. Some of them even had to spend the night in the hospital because of their injuries. “

Since Saturday, there has been a growing number of testimonies and complaints from Liverpool and Real Madrid fans, but also from the English and Iberian media. Very hostile to the French government and UEFA, both clubs are demanding answers and especially immediate sanctions. No, the soap opera of this Dionysian fiasco is not nearing completion.

An angry Liverpool supporter stuck at the Stade de France before the Champions League final

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