causes, symptoms, treatments, how to avoid them

causes, symptoms, treatments, how to avoid them

The headache”Is a fairly generic expression that affects a very large majority of the population at least once in their lives with varying intensities and durations. In reality, the headache includes two major diseases: migraine, which is a common disease affecting 15% of the population and tension headache (muscle) which also affects 15%. These are the two most common causes of headaches, and they are sometimes difficult to differentiate.

This disease causes headaches that recur at a variable frequency, from a few times in life to a few times a month. Migraine is a disease whose impact, both on quality of life and on professional activity, can become disabling, especially when the person is affected by severe seizures. It is common for a person to be affected by headaches and tension headaches.

In migraine, we also find vascular pain, which is a fairly rare form. It mainly affects men (1 in 1,000 according to Dr. Dib, while migraines affect 200 in 1,000). Vascular pain manifests itself in the form of much shorter and much stronger seizures than “classic” migraine.

Criteria for diagnosing chronic migraine according to the International Headache Society:

A. Headache has been present for at least 15 days a month for at least 3 months.

B. Headache occurring in a patient who has previously had at least (…)

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