Calendar notifications not working on iPhone: what to do?

You can miss appointments and be late for scheduled meetings if calendar notifications aren’t working on iPhone. Below are the steps to fix this issue.

Calendar notifications not working on iPhone

Calendar notifications may stop working or not trigger on iPhone for various reasons including notifications not turned on, iPhone ringtone turned off, iPhone in driving mode, iPhone in DND mode and other reasons.

Sometimes iCloud glitches and iCloud server issues can also contribute to the calendar notifications failure on iPhone.

1. Enable notifications for the calendar app

The first step is to ensure that the calendar app on your iPhone is allowed to provide notifications. You can do this by going to settings > calendar and take care of it allow notifications Switch is set ON Position.

Turn on notifications from the calendar app on iPhone

Also make sure Time sensitive notifications option is enabled.

2. Set the default warning time

Make sure you’ve selected a default alert time for calendar events.

Go to settings > calendar > Default alarm times > tap events.

Setting option for default alarm times on iPhone

On the next screen, choose any default warning time (protocoldays, weeks, etc.) that suits your own requirements.

3. Disable silent mode

A common reason for calendar events not working on iPhone is that the ringer button on iPhone has been moved to the silent mode position.

Look closely at the physical bell button on your iPhone and make sure it is set to ring mode Position.

iPhone ring and silent mode

If you want to keep your iPhone in silent mode, make sure Vibrate in Silent option is enabled by going to settings > sound and moved Vibrate on silent switch to ON Position.

Make iPhone vibrate in silent mode

This ensures that your iPhone can vibrate to notify you of an upcoming calendar event, even when it’s in silent mode.

4. Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Your iPhone can’t play calendar notifications when it’s in Do Not Disturb mode.

Go to settings > focus > Do not disturb > Move the switch next to Do not disturb to OUT Position.

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Note: You can get iPhone to provide calendar notifications even when it’s in Do Not Disturb mode by excluding the Calendar app from DND mode or enabling time-sensitive notifications (See step 1 above).

5. Disable iCloud from Calendar app

You can prevent calendar events from not working due to iCloud errors on iPhone by disabling iCloud access for the Calendar app.

Go to settings > Tap yours Apple ID name > iCloud > Move the switch next to calendar to OUT Position.

Disable iCloud calendars on iPhone

Note: Removing the Calendar app from iCloud will prevent calendars from syncing with your other devices.

6. Weekly or monthly calendar notifications are not working

For weekly/monthly meetings and other recurring events, you need to ensure that the correct recurrence frequency is selected.

Open calendar app > select the date the event is scheduled on > tap on the next screen + icon.

Add event to iPhone calendar

Enter on the next screen event namechoose beginning/end times for the event and tap To repeat Possibility.

Enter details, select the start/end time for the calendar event

On the next screen, select the one you want Repeat option (Every week in this case).

On iPhone, select

This ensures that the recurring event is automatically scheduled and the calendar notification is served by your iPhone.

7. Check the date and time settings

Go to settings > General > appointment time > Activate on the next screen Set automatically Possibility.

Set date and time automatically option on iPhone

After turning on the Set Automatically option, make sure the iPhone is showing the correct time zone.

8. Disable time zone override

When the calendar app is set to override time zone, notifications are provided based on a hard-selected time zone. This can cause you to miss events when traveling across time zones.

Go to settings > calendar > time zone override and move the switch next to time zone override to OUT Position.

Disable time zone override for calendar events on iPhone

If you’re traveling but still want calendar events to display according to your home time zone, you can turn on the Time Zone Override option.

Location-based calendar notifications don’t work on iPhone

If you want calendar events to be triggered based on location, you need to make sure that location services are enabled on your device.

Go to settings > privacy > location services > Move the switch next to location services to ON Position.

Enable location services on iPhone

After that, your iPhone can provide you with location-based alerts.


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