C8 star TV host Cyril Hanouna announces the end of his show!

C8 star TV host Cyril Hanouna announces the end of his show!

The debates on C8, it’s over… Or almost. Indeed, after several seasons, Balance your post! will disappear from the chain grid. It is Cyril Hanounahimself, who was announcing the bad news in a lengthy interview with Parisian. However, the host did not fail to reassure his fans. Whether it’s about TPMP or the show that will replace the program that will soon disappear from C8.

According to information from our colleagues, the facilitator has signed a contract with the group Canal + until the summer of 2026 with a budget of 35 million euros per year for TPMP. The one who officiates every night of the week on C8 also indicates that he will keep an important part of society topics in his daily life. “It turned out that twenty minutes on ‘The Voice’ or Thierry Ardisson didn’t interest people anymore. Today, young people like the news they’ve heard on social media. It was a real bet. A paying bet “, he assured.

Balance’s replacement for your post!

What about the show that will replace Balance your post! ? During the 2022 presidential campaign, Cyril Hanouna made a bet to launch a show in which the candidates presented themselves in front of various speakers in order to defend their ideas through Facing Baba. According to the host, it will be this show that will take over from the one often hosted by Eric Naulleau, in a remodeled version.

“Balance ton post” will be stopped, but ‘Face à Baba’, which broke an audience record on DTT with more than 2 million viewers (for a show in the first part of the evening), will return once every two weeks as a bonus under a new formula. There will be several guests who have made the news, from the Prime Minister to the head of security at the Stade de France “, he rejoiced. Good news that makes it easier to forget the bad.

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