Cut finger, insulting text, humiliating photos ... the highlights of the Depp-Heard trial

bracelets used to attend the trial resold for $ 5,000

As the verdict in the lawsuit was handed down Wednesday, netizens are selling their bracelets online in the courtroom of Fairfax, Virginia.

The defamation suit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to be talked about in a rather unexpected way. Since the announcement of the verdictpronounced this Wednesday, June 1, Internet users, having managed to attend certain hearings of the trial, sell their entrance bracelets online in the courtroom of Fairfax, Virginia.

On eBay, one of them, dated the first day of the last week of the trial, May 23, sold for $ 4,999. In description of the announcementthe seller states: “I was there and you get this from a verified source.”

“History of pop culture”

This blue paper bracelet, similar to those distributed at festivals, is nothing special, except for its rarity: according to the seller, only 100 bracelets of this type were distributed to attend at the trial that day, which he said was one of the busiest.

Among the many listings on eBay, another bracelet, orange and dated May 26, is also up for auction for a $ 500 starting bid. His seller justifies the exorbitant amount he is asking for: “This bracelet is invaluable as the trial is part of the history of pop culture,” he wrote.

An ad on eBay for an access bracelet to the Depp-Heard trial in Virginia.
An ad on eBay for an access bracelet to the Depp-Heard trial in Virginia. © Screenshot – eBay

Convicted of defamation

After weeks of high-profile trial, the jury handed down its verdict on Wednesday, June 1, in the Depp-Heard case. Both ex-spouses were found guilty of defamation.

Actress Amber Heard was sentenced to pay $ 15 million Johnny Depp damages. The American comedian owes his part two million dollars to his ex-wife.

Johnny Depp was suing Amber Heard for defamation ofa grandstand published by the Washington Post in 2018. She claimed to be “a public figure representing domestic violence”, without naming the actor. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean was claiming $ 50 million in damages, estimating that this tribune had destroys his career and reputation.

The actress ofAquaman had countered by claiming the double, believing herself defamed by a former Johnny Depp lawyer, Adam Waldman, who claimed the actress had staged her own assault.

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