Blocked in Barcelona, ​​Gabon could declare a lump sum for the CAN 2023 qualifiers

Blocked in Barcelona, ​​Gabon could declare a lump sum for the CAN 2023 qualifiers

With Gabonese players still stranded in Barcelona, ​​the Gabonese Federation has called for a postponement of the match against the Democratic Republic of Congo. But the Congolese Federation rejected his request.

Hard hit for Gabon. Blocked at Barcelona airport for 24 hours, Patrice Neveu and his players have not always been able to take off for Kinshasa, where they are expected on Saturday by the Democratic Republic of Congo for the first day of the CAN 2023 qualifiers. Fégafoot has requested the postponement of the match, the Congolese Federation does not hear it from that ear.

“In view of this situation, Fegafoot has sent a letter to the CAF requesting the postponement of the 24-hour match. has just rejected this request made to it by the CAF’s competition department, “said a statement from Fégafoot. If things do not change in the coming hours, a forced Panthers package will not be ruled out, “the institution said in a statement.

Several arguments put forward by Fecofa

In a statement, the Congolese Football Federation explained the reasons for its refusal to move the match. In addition to the fact that Fégafoot must “make the necessary arrangements to arrive in Kinshasa on time”, the institution criticizes the Gabonese organization. “The arrival of the delegation was originally scheduled for June 1 at 4 am, not June 2, 2022 as falsely claimed in their request. According to their pre-recalled letter, the departure from Paris was May 31.”

Fecofa also reminds that the second match of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will play its second match against Sudan on June 8. “Postponing this game to June 5 is going to be detrimental to us,” she added. Already competing in the qualifiers of the previous edition, the two countries had engaged in a judicial arms race around the identity of the Panthers midfielder, Guelor Kanga. The CAS then rejected the Congolese request and Gabon was able to contest the 2022 CAN.

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