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Big disappointment for the Lakers in the market!

After a relatively disappointing season, the Lakers will try to bolster the market this summer, with several big targets on their radar. Unfortunately, a star already seems to be moving away, so shouldn’t join LeBron James’ team. Not the choice for the front office, you have to be smart to attract a big name.

The Lakers are gearing up for a summer that could be busier than expected. After a disappointment and a non-accession to the playoffs, which was a formality at the beginning, we are logically expecting a reaction from the front office. The first to pay for the broken pots? Definitely Frank Vogel, who lost his job shortly after the end of this campaign. His replacement was made official this Friday, in the person of Darvin Ham, who hopes to relaunch this roster.

The big question is, will Russell Westbrook still be around? The answer is yes according to the latest echoes. The leader does not want to leave, as he will activate his player option, and the Angelinos do not want to add several assets to make him leave the ship. So we can assume that Brodie will be a Laker next year, with a clear desire to get back on track, and so much so that there is work to be done.

A star ready to stay on his team this summer?

Still, no matter what Russ’s decision, the Lakers’ front office is looking for a way to surprise the market. Hard to say what, but Rob Pelinka probes a large portion of free agents, including Zach LaVine. The back will be on the market this summer, and it is rumored that he is not necessarily against the idea of ​​leaving Illinois, at least if he finds a max contract elsewhere. Brian Windhorst, in his recent podcast, instead comes to calm the game down.

“I don’t think Zach LaVine wants to leave, that’s not how I see him. »

Recall that LaVine will have the choice to leave or not, while money should be a central element of its future. The back has never hidden it, he wants a maximum contract, whether at the Bulls, or elsewhere. Chicago seems ready to do what it takes to keep it, but watch out for a surprise if the Lakers manage to find a way to get it back and convince it. For now, and despite a few scares, it would still be surprising to see him leave.

However, the player’s last words are not necessarily very reassuring:

I plan to enjoy this free agency, this whole process. We’re going to live this with my agent, Rich Paul, and I have to make a business decision, as a man. Not that I think I’m going to come back, or go away.

So according to ESPN, Zach LaVine could stay in Chicago, blowing up the Lakers, but also other franchises interested in his services. A real blow to the competitors, while the Bulls hope to count on him, as well as DeMar DeRozan, for years to come. It promises if it happens.

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