Betclic Elite: turn around, Boulogne finally stays in Levallois

Betclic Elite: turn around, Boulogne finally stays in Levallois

On Thursday morning, Mets 92 employees received a text from an executive informing them that the club would not throw in the towel and would eventually remain domiciled at the Marcel-Cerdan Sports Center in Levallois-Perret in 2022-2023.

« We have no feedback or explanations Frédéric Donnadieu, president of Nanterre 92. is astonished. We weren’t applicants because our club is stable and healthy, but when they asked us last week, the idea of ​​joining forces with the 92 department was nice, it allowed us to grow. On Wednesday afternoon we had no more news when things were going to go very fast and on Thursday we learned via a lawyer that they were staying in Levallois Adds Pascal Donnadieu’s brother, the coach of Nanterre.

“Surprised and disappointed with the method used”

Frédéric Donnadieu, President of Nanterre 92

« We are extremely surprised and disappointed with the method used. At noon on Tuesday, the mayors of both cities were convinced that it would do so. It seemed idyllic. Before that, Boulogne had to recover the shares still held by Levallois (5%), cease its activity and a partnership was launched to be called Nanterre-Boulogne 92, to play in Nanterre next season (with a mechanically increasing budget) eWe kept the keys to the club. They had already contacted us with this idea in April 2021 and had not given any further news since. Did our desire to keep the reins of the club deter them? Frédéric Donnadieu wonders.

In search of a homeland since the construction of an Arena in the territory of Boulogne is frozen by appeals, the Metropolitans 92, owned by the city since 2019, have been chasing all directions since the deterioration of their relations with the Levallois SC, root club. The municipality of Levallois-Perret no longer wants to finance pro basketball and simply grants the Mets the enjoyment of the sports hall (training and matches), according to the agreements reached in 2019 valid until 2023.

Several courts have been considered in recent weeks: the sports palace of Issy-les-Moulineaux and the mergers with Paris Basketball and therefore Nanterre, all abandoned. But unless there is a new twist, here they are back in square one, in more precarious conditions. They will have to coexist in Levallois with women’s volleyball, which has reached the Ligue A, and will have lower resources in 2022-2023.

“It was difficult to complete everything legally on time.”

A source close to the town hall of Boulogne

This season, with a budget of 7.2 million euros, the third of Betclic Elite, the team coached by Vincent Collet finished third in the Championship after a long race in the lead and reached the quarterfinals of the Eurocup. There is no guarantee that the Blues coach will take advantage of these delays and permanent uncertainties and that he will honor his second and final year of contract with the Mets. « It was complicated to complete everything legally on time “A source close to the town hall of Boulogne was advancing on Thursday evening, to justify this sudden change of direction.


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