best diet of 2022

best diet of 2022

According to US News and World Report experts, the Mediterranean regime ranks first among the regimes also in 2022. This is the fifth consecutive victory of the Italian regime par excellence that continues to make the prestige of our country.

A team of 27 experts examined 40 different types of diets. The Mediterranean diet in particular has been shown to be the healthiest because it promotes cardiovascular health and well-being because it is low in saturated fat and has a preventative effect on degenerative diseases through the presence of fruits and vegetables. This diet is also suitable for future centenarians, so to speak. The Mediterranean diet in particular would be an ally of longevity because few foods of industrial origin rich in saturated fats and refined foods, vitamins and antioxidants present in seasonal fruits and vegetables are on the contrary the elixirs of youth that can prevent cognitive decline.

Experts have found that countries bordering the Mediterranean and following this type of regime have a longer life expectancy.

It’s also not a strict diet, so if we want to enjoy a dessert or have a favorite dish, as long as we don’t exceed the portions, they can do so without feeling guilty. The Mediterranean regime is also considered the easiest to follow. It is no coincidence that the Mediterranean diet is considered much more than a diet because it is a real way of life. In short, it is not only useful for losing weight but also for improving our quality of life.

Mediterranean regime: characteristics
But is it really followed in Italy? In fact, several studies have shown that few actually follow it. The Mediterranean diet is varied because it brings all the essential nutrients to our health. As far as protein is concerned, those from cereals and legumes are more abundant than animal protein, mineral salts such as iron, calcium, vitamins and fiber, which are soluble and insoluble. In particular, by increasing the consumption of legumes 2 or more times a week, one can reduce the consumption of animal protein. Fish protein is better than meat protein because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health. As for the meat, we choose lean meat, for example chicken or turkey, or in any case, if we opt for red meat, we choose the leanest cuts. On the other hand, when it comes to meat, experts say that no more than 350 grams a week should be consumed so as not to increase the risk of colon cancer. The following foods are also part of the Mediterranean diet: fresh cheeses, milk, yoghurt (low in fat and no added sugar), eggs (2 per week), bread and whole grains.

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