Ben Mazué separated from his wife after a move: "We also took our demons in our luggage"

Ben Mazué separated from his wife after a move: “We also took our demons in our luggage”

For Ben Mazué, success is here! Remaining in the shadows for a long time, the singer and author finally makes a place for himself in the light of his talent, he often signs upsetting lyrics and melodies. His latest album, Paradiseis a small musical gem, in which he alternates between spoken and sung parts.

But if his lyrics are often catchy, it’s because they’ve been inspired by a difficult part of his life in recent years: his divorce from the mother of his two children, Milan and Axel, 10 and 8 years old. After more than ten years of living together, the singer and his partner decided to separate after trying the solution of the last chance: a family trip to La Réunion.

In the end, we also took our demons in our luggage and they grew once we were there“, he confides this week in Paris Match. The singer and his wife then resigned themselves to parting, a breakup that gave rise to the beautiful album that made it a hit. “Breaking up is not always a failurehe told the Belgian newspaper recently In the eveningit will have at least allowed him to put on music for a great record.

Also author for his friend Grand Corps Maladefor Jérémy Frérot or for the singer Pomme, he still managed not to keep a bad memory of Reunion Island, even though he had a difficult time there. “I believe there is no particular reason to love a placehe explains to Paris Match. I love Paris. I can see what’s wrong with this city, but it doesn’t stop me from loving it. I feel the same way about Reunion.

If all goes well, today, in Ben Mazué’s career, the singer must strive to rebuild a love life and ask himself rather existential questions. “I am 41 years old. For many people, the crisis of the forties is waking up one morning and realizing that we have done everything that has been expected of us for years and that it is time to change. I feel like I’ve been in my forties for the rest of my life!he concludes.

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