Be very careful with this insect, don’t touch it! Your health is in danger …

Here is the list of the most dangerous insects in the world, your health is in great danger so follow our advice! We explain everything to you

Most people don’t like insects, worse, they’re scared. Well, you won’t change your mind with this article! Indeed, we reveal to you the 10 little beasts not to cross on your way, including an insect that arrives in the first position. Do you know which insect it is?

What is the insect not to touch? The top 10 most dangerous !

Number 10: the “Paraponera

The Paraponera is known as the “ball ant”. With such a designation, one immediately understands who one is dealing with! Indeed, its sting is compared to the pain of a gunshot. In addition to the pain, the venom of this ant attacks the nervous system central, so that the pain spreads throughout the body.

Although the sting of this insect is very painful, it is not fatal. Also, be aware that the effects of its substance do not last long. It’s mostly fear that’s going to take over, because you’re going to have pretty intense seizures, cold sweats and your heart will pack. Namely that it is the largest ant in terms of size and that it is in the forest amazonian.

Number 9: The giant hornet

This insect is also scary. In addition, it is attracted to odors such as alcohol or human sweat. So you can’t always control them. Unlike the ant, its sting is deadly. Giant hornets are present on the Asian continent, especially in China.

In 2013, forty-three people were killed by the sting of this insect and two others were seriously injured. The scene is shocking… Hundreds of giant hornets flew in the Chianti region and chased people for hundreds of meters. Sometimes some people have been stung more than 200 times… A screenplay worthy of the greatest horror movies…

Number 8: fleas

These little beasts look innocent and have an even affectionate name, yet they are nothing. Namely, these insects can jump up to three times their size and cling to the hair of dogs and cats.

If they enter a house, they can multiply at an astonishing rate. A bite from this insect causes intense itching that can even create an infection if left untreated. So always check your four-legged friends’ hair and treat them!

In number 7: an insect called Triatominae

This insect is a type of bug that can transmit a very serious disease called Chagas disease to humans. It causes flu-like symptoms, but the problem is that it is incurable.

There is no cure for it. The death is inevitable… This disease may also cause hypertrophy of the heart or thinning of the colon. Namely that these insects are attracted to the CO2 that people expel when they breathe. Thus, this insect often stings near the mouth…

In number 6: the recluse

Of course, in the batch of the most dangerous insects, one could not forget to put a spider. An insect that haunts us and some people have a real phobia. Is it a big mygale? Not really! The so-called recluse spider is not the scariest in terms of appearance, but its bite is deadly. Indeed, its venom is so intense that it can destroy human flesh in just a few minutes. This causes a very rapid necrosis of your cells.

But rest assured, most of the time, its bite causes swelling, redness, but the symptoms go away after only a few days. Victims can sometimes have very severe pain all over their body, chills, nausea, ulcers, sore joints or even epileptic seizures.

Number 5: Tsetse fly

Of course, you’ve heard of this insect before. He lives in Central Africa and carries diseases that can be deadly wherever he goes pass.

For example, the sleeping sickness that attacks the brain human. In addition to wanting to sleep all the time, being very tired, you may also have coordination problems, constant confusion, and a change in your mood. personality deep. Know that it does not exist vaccine nor treatment.

In number 4: the flies

You meet them every day! But some are more dangerous than others, especially those found in hot or temperate regions. Flies lay eggs directly in the body of other insects such as ticks or mosquitoes.

Then, if you get stung by these insects, the eggs will be deposited at the same time under our skin. This will create holes that will allow bacteria to pass through your skin. Therefore, you may get serious infections. Fortunatelythere are solutions to treat you by taking antibiotics or having the eggs removed by a professional.

Number 3: The Africanized Bee

This insect is so called because it is a cross between European bees and bees that come from Africa. Like giant hornets, they are very aggressive, attacking and chasing and can sting to death.

However, their venom is not necessarily more dangerous, but it is the number of bites that will play a role. These bees will sting so many times that the poison in the human being will be too great and therefore deadly.

Number 2: mosquitoes

Les mosquitoes are a real scourge. Every year, about 800,000 people die from the bite of this insect. Some of them may be carriers of deadly viruses such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever.

People who live in the city are less likely to be stung by a disease-carrying insect, unlike those who live in the countryside.

Number one: The most dangerous insect is the giant bug

We finish this top 10 of the most dangerous insects with the giant water bug.

It is an insect found in North and South America as well as in northern Australia.


It lives in freshwater springs, near a river or reservoir.

Its bite is extremely painful and you can die from it. So we must avoid crossing paths…

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