Basketball: Kadri Moendadze finds the Betclic Elite by signing in Roanne

Basketball: Kadri Moendadze finds the Betclic Elite by signing in Roanne

The Mtsapéré native is back in the French basketball elite next season. He signed for two years at the Roanne Choir.

An arrival in Roanne and a return to Betclic Elite that sound like a reward for Kadri Moendadze after his great season in Aix Maurienne, in Pro B.

It’s a big pride for me, a big reward for my work. I want to confirm my place in Betclic Elite. Being there is great, but staying there is better, so I’m going to work really hard to make a name for myself in this league.

In Roanne for two years, Kadri Moendadze will be coached by one of the big names in French basketball, Jean-Denys Choulet, French champion with the Chorale in 2007 : “He is a player of duty capable of playing in several positions. He defends hard, has a real 3-point shot and has shown an interesting progression over the past season with Aix-Maurienne.” announces his new coach.

At the Savoyard club, the 28-year-old has had his best season of his career, averaging 13.3 points and 4.6 rebounds in almost 30 minutes. “The coach gave me the keys to the truck, he gave me all his confidence by making me play a lot” Kadri Moendadze analyzes to explain his performance this season.

The back is therefore back in the elite of French basketball, after a discreet first pass, disrupted by a knee injury, during the 2019-2020 season under the colors of Orleans.

Lacking playing time at the OLB, Kadri Moendadze had decided to go back to regaining confidence in Pro B under the colors of Aix Maurienne. “For me, when I returned to Pro B, it was to revive myself, to regain confidence in myself, what my club in Aix Maurienne was able to give me.” judge who will also be able to claim a place in the basketball selection of the 2023 Islands Games in Madagascar.

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