Basketball: Elan Béarnais one shot from the feat (83-85)

Basketball: Elan Béarnais one shot from the feat (83-85)

Despite a monumental Jefferson, the Palois suffered the law of Monaco.


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In a sports hall filled with more than 7,000 fans in a trance, Elan, led by 16 points at the start of the final quarter, managed an incredible return orchestrated by Jefferson (34 pts) to fail a shot on goal ! The Palois leave the playoffs with their heads held high after a 3-1 semi-final loss to Monaco, which will challenge ASVEL for the title. Relive the game below.

The suspense had been prolonged by the grace of the superb rebellion who had delighted Elan Béarnais fans on Tuesday night at the Palais des Sports. And there is no question of stopping in such a good way for Palois who had no reason to doubt and who only dreamed of one thing: to push Monaco to match 5, next Sunday….

Unfortunately, despite a stratospheric Brandon Jefferson (34 pts at 7/16 at 3 pts) and a thunderous comeback in the final quarter, the Palois failed to make it past Monaco. This season ends with extra-strong sensations for Elan, valid until the last moments of these final phases.

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