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Bart and Noor are released, Anthony Messy is back in Charlie’s life (Summary and spoilers DNA episode 1163)

“Tomorrow belongs to us” ahead of Wednesday, April 13, 2022, detailed summary and spoilers of DNA episode 1163 . This is the end of the nightmare for Charlie, Gabriel, Noor and Bart. But Anthony Messy is back in Charlie’s life.


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The summary of episode 1162 of Tuesday, April 12 of Tomorrow Belongs to Us is also online. Happy reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us in advance: Summary of episode 1163 of April 13, 2022

Stanislas is shipwrecked

Sébastien apologizes to Raphaëlle for his attitude the day before. He admits he could have been nicer with Stanislas. Sébastien would like to invite his daughter to lunch but Raphaëlle declines. She has to find Stanislas for lunch, only she has no news of him. Worried, she decides to go to the port. Sébastien points to his daughter that Stanislas is not a reliable person and advises her to let him come to her. But Raphaëlle is past the age of playing this game. Sébastien accompanies his daughter to the port. But Stanislas’ boat is not there. Raphaëlle has a bad feeling. The captaincy informed him that he had just left for the sea. Raphaëlle is quickly contacted by the hospital, Stanislas was shipwrecked. She cancels all her appointments and rushes to her bedside. More fear than harm. Stanislas is fine. He arrived at the hospital in hypothermia and without a telephone. He explains to Raphaëlle that an old repair on his boat has come loose and it has sunk. Stanislas regrets not checking the hull this winter. Raphaëlle advises him to move on now. Stanislas can get out of the hospital but he has nowhere to go. Raphael invites him to come home for a few days. When they get home, Sebastian is there. As his daughter was a little upset this morning, he went to get some news. Stanislas makes sure that his presence does not bother Camille. Sébastien is suspicious of his daughter’s new lover.

Bart wants to spend his life with Louise

This is the end of the nightmare. Bart is a free man and finds Louise and Anna eagerly awaiting him on his release from prison. Bart is happy to find them. Anna can’t help but be sad for Garance. If she hadn’t been assaulted by Romain Melville, they wouldn’t be here today. Louise, on the other hand, has nothing to do with it. Because of her, Bart has spent fifteen days behind bars, and wants only one thing, to enjoy his lover being free and to take care of him. But Louise can’t help but blame. She doubted Bart when he needed her most. Bart assures him it’s his fault because he lied to her. Now he wants to enjoy every little moment and be with her.
Noor also got out of jail and found Cédric with whom she had an intimate time. The young woman is making plans. She decided to find her own apartment, finish her internship and spend time with the man she loves, like going to Brittany for a little weekend. But Cédric still has a rather complicated life and tries to put the pieces back together with his children. Noor is ready to wait.

At the police station, Olivier Doucet is being questioned by Karim and Sara. Sophie Novak, her lawyer, is present. Garance’s father confesses the whole truth to the police. On the evening of the clandestine party at Agnès Varda High School in 2019, Romain Melville tried to rape Garance. But she didn’t let go and hit him with an iron bar. In a panic, Garance called his father who came as fast as he could. After Garance left, Romain Melville died in front of Olivier. He put Romain’s body in a tarp and buried it in the cellar. To clear his tracks, he then caused a short circuit in the electrical panel and the fire caught fire quickly. Olivier never told Garance the truth. He made her believe that Romain Melville was alive and that he had taken her to the hospital. Then he told her that Romain would not file a complaint if she did not do the same. Then Garance took an apartment in Montpellier and they never talked about it again. But Léa Courcelles landed in Sète. Olivier then panicked at the thought that the young woman was discovering the truth and that Garance was in prison. So he killed Léa Courcelles. Then the investigation focused on the high school. Olivier decided to move the bones. That’s where he assaulted Chloe because she almost surprised him. Then Olivier heard from Gabriel High School about his suspicions about Garance. He then attacked Gabriel but got away with it. Olivier then decided to charge Noor with offering the police the ideal culprit. As for Garance, she realized her father was behind it all, and decided to lie on her video to protect him.

Anna goes to see Bart at the Spoon and tells him great news. Bart feels revived since he was acquitted, he would like to spend a new chapter of his life and has made a big decision! He wants to ask Louise for a wedding tomorrow night! Anna finds it wonderful, she is even ready to start preparing for the wedding. Then he announces the good news to Sara who advises her not to fall into the clichés of marriage proposal. Bart chooses to ask Louise to marry Spoon in front of their loved ones. He invites Karim and Anna, as well as Georges. Surprised, the latter agrees. But he is skeptical. Louise has character and Bart didn’t think for a moment that she could say “no” in front of everyone.

Mathilde is confident. Bart is looking for a romantic idea to apply for marriage. Mathilde remembers that when she was little, she watched the movie “Donkey Skin” with her mother all the time and suggested to Bart that she act like a heroine, hiding her ring in a cake.

For his part, Charlie finds François who is looping over Olivier Doucet. But the young woman has her head elsewhere. Charlie finally needs to be alone and François plants. She telephones Anthony Messy a little later. He is still in prison. Charlie tells her she’ll be there the next day. Anthony can’t wait to see her again.

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