back on the murder in a French charcuterie in Bangkok - Liberation

back on the murder in a French charcuterie in Bangkok – Liberation


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A settlement between French expatriates left two dead and one injured in early May. At the root of the drama is a 66-year-old former pimp, a troubled figure in the Thai nightlife world, where the French remain influential.

Surrounded by a quiet, heat-smashed alley, half-timbered houses hidden under bougainvillea, the small French deli Copadeli, set in the heart of a posh Bangkok district, serves sausages, pies and hams to European restaurants. hotel chains throughout Thailand. At around 4 a.m. on May 4, David B., 48, a passionate craftsman who has lived in Thailand for some 20 years, is engaged in white ham production on the ground floor of the building. which houses the kitchen and the cold room. The few employees present are outside for their lunch break.

That’s when 66-year-old Marc Lohberger, his former partner, lands with whom he has a few financial disputes. The man looks nervous. “He was shaking, he looked up, remembers David. But when I saw that “Fon” was with him, it reassured me. ” Waranya Meeyai, 46, nicknamed “Fon” (“rain”), is Marc’s former partner, with whom he also has significant financial problems. They hardly date anymore, but he gave her an appointment, and she arrives at the same time as him. Marc has a well-established reputation for warm blood and is happy to maintain a gangster image, without anyone really knowing how far he can go.

A dispute arises over kitchen equipment that David would not have reimbursed to Marc’s company. The latter goes to the cold room (the


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