At 84, what becomes of Maité, the pioneer of TV cooking shows?  - West France evening edition

At 84, what becomes of Maité, the pioneer of TV cooking shows? – West France evening edition

She was the most famous restorer of the small screen in her culinary shows The Kitchen of the Musketeers et At the table! On June 2, 2022, Maïté Ordonez just turned 84 years old. But what happens to the one who accompanied millions of French people in the kitchen every noon, for more than fifteen years?

Marie-Thérèse Ortonez, better known as Maïté, is celebrating her 84th birthday on June 2, 2022. Before cooking shows multiplied like buns from the 2010s, this Landes restaurateur and author was one of the first to bring cooking to television. Between 1983 and 1999, Maité successfully directed The Kitchen of the Musketeers et At the table! on France Télévisions. But what happens to this old figure from the small screen with the legendary guile and gargantuan dishes?

“She’s fine”

Retired from public life for about ten years, Maïté enjoys her retirement quietly and as anonymously as possible. Her granddaughter, Camille Ortonez, gave her news on the set of the TV show It starts today broadcast on April 25, 2022 on France 2.

“She’s fine!” She enjoys her retirement with us, still in her village of Rion-des-Landes. » Camille Ortonez, who also works in catering and made a passage noticed in the show Oobjective Top Chef in 2018, returned to her grandmother’s wish to leave the television behind. “It simply came to our notice then. In 2010, she chose to retire and be quiet. »

Former TV star

Maité and television is a beautiful story that begins in the 1980s. It is spotted during a report on the rugby team of Rion-des-Landes (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), his hometown of 2,700 souls. At the time, she was working as an announcer for the SNCF at the local train station (now closed) and simmering dishes for the local rugby team. If at this time cooking is a hobby for Maité, this talent will soon become his new livelihood and a springboard to celebrity and then posterity.

Catapulted to the show’s presentation The Kitchen of the Musketeers then At the table! Maité breaks the screen, brings together a huge audience and follows the passages that have become cults, going from her very personal way of enjoying the garden to the preparation of an eel dish, more striking than expected.

Video above : a compilation by the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) of Maité’s most notable television appearances.

From television to reality, there is only one step. Maïté then cooks at the stoves of his own restaurant, Chez Maïté, in Rion-des-Landes. A case she will turn from the 1990s to 2015the date on which it sells its establishment, after its judicial liquidation.

Prior to that, Maïté’s media career also went through radio as a presenter for Sud Radio. She also starred in two episodes of the TV show He is not a wizard in the 2000s.

In 2003, she made an appearance on the ephemeral reality TV show Nice People. Maité also became an author in 2002 with her culinary guide Maïté’s kitchen. An illustrated version will be released in 2006. In 2013, her only son, Serge, died of cancer. She also has two granddaughters, Perrine (born 2000) and Camille (born 2001).

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