Argentina undisputedly dominates Italy (3-0) and wins the Finalissima, Lionel Messi decisive

Argentina undisputedly dominates Italy (3-0) and wins the Finalissima, Lionel Messi decisive

Albiceleste will have to be counted on in six months at the World Cup in Qatar. Argentina took a bite out of Italy on Wednesday at Wembley in the Finalissima between the Copa América winner and European champions (3-0). Unleashed, Lionel Messi and his teammates punished a National without ideas thanks to goals from Lautaro Martinez (28th), Angel Di Maria (45th + 1) and Paulo Dybala (90th + 4). It was just a prestigious match, but Lionel Scaloni’s men are sending a message to the competition.

On the London turf, the Argentines started the match with a lot of envy in the image of this distant lob attempt by Di Maria who did not worry his future former Parisian teammate Gianluigi Donnarumma (2nd). Another PSG player, captain Leo Messi, also immediately showed a resentment and vivacity rarely seen this season in Ligue 1. Following a high recovery on the left, he hit the opposing surface, resisted the return of Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Lautaro served perfectly for an opening goal (0-1, 28th).

Friendly matches

Why is Argentina approaching its “final” with more envy than Italy?


Powerless European champions

Italy tried to react in the stride but Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Marinez deflected Nicolo Barella (30th). It was clearly insufficient and this National without offensive inspiration remained powerless. Leonardo Bonucci was warned for an elbow to Messi’s face in an aerial duel (39th). The center-back was then unable to vigorously defend Lautaro, who overtook him in front of the midfield to launch an axial counterattack. The Inter player finally allowed Di Maria to go and trick Donnarumma with a small dive in the middle of the truth zone (0-2, 45th + 1).

In the second half, Roberto Mancini, who was without Marco Verratti and was injured, took matters into his own hands. He made three changes and replaced his captain Giorgio Chiellini who had a complicated 117th and final selection and a farewell without glory. Despite this, the Italians have remained in line with their very disappointing performances in recent months. The absence of the European champions at the next World Cup is anything but a coincidence.

A Messi found

Argentina continued to play and Donnaruma had to struggle. He narrowly missed a goal against his side by Leonardo Bonucci (56th), flew off to deflect a curled shot from Di Maria (60th) and pushed back his beautiful 20-meter axial recovery on a corner by Messi (62nd) before stopping a shot from La Pulga after an incredible 60-meter rush (65th). Giovani Lo Celso had just missed the open goal (64th).

In legs, biting and dribbling, Messi returned to the charge with another attempt caught by the last Italian rampart (70th). He offered himself a final shot from the center round to serve newcomer Paulo Dybala who aggravated the score with a 20-meter low shot (0-3, 90th + 4).

The French team led by Michel Platini had won the first edition of this intercontinental duel in 1985, Diego Maradona’s Argentina had succeeded him in 1993, Messi’s has retained the Artemio-Franchi trophy. She is enjoying and is looking forward to surfing this dynamic and her current 32-game unbeaten run until the World Cup.

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