Another mass shooting, at least 5 dead in an Oklahoma hospital

Another mass shooting, at least 5 dead in an Oklahoma hospital

One week after the killing of Uvalde, the United States is once again facing the scourge of gun violence. At least four people were killed Wednesday in a shooting at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, local police said, adding that the suspect also died.

We now have five dead, including the shooter “during a shooting at the St. Francis Hospital site,” city police said on Twitter. She had previously stated that she had intervened “earlier in the afternoon” on the spot for “a man armed with a rifle” in a hospital building. Police are currently checking every room in the building to rule out possible threats, “she said in a statement, citing” several injuries. “

Suicide shooter

The shooter committed suicide, a city official, Jayme Fowler, told a local television station. “Three innocent passers-by lost their lives,” he said. U.S. President Joe Biden has been kept informed of the shooting, the White House said, following closely the situation and offering local authorities the assistance they would need.

The shooting comes just over a week after a massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas, in which an 18-year-old man killed 19 children and two teachers. In the United States, shootings in public places are a recurring scourge that successive governments have so far been unable to stem.

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