Another deadly shooting in the United States, but no law on the horizon - Liberation

Another deadly shooting in the United States, but no law on the horizon – Liberation

Four people died Wednesday at a Tulsa hospital in Oklahoma from a man who later committed suicide. Meanwhile, despite calls for legislation to restrict arms trafficking, the Democratic majority remains powerless in a Congress paralyzed by the Conservative opposition.

On Wednesday, the mourning community of Uvalde was buried two of the 21 victims of the massacre occurred eight days earlier at the small school in the small town of Texas – the tragic funeral litany is expected to continue all week – when US intelligence flows were again filled with alerts reporting a shooting deadly. Four people were killed and about 10 others were injured in the late afternoon at the St. Francis Hospital Complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second largest city. The shooter, described by police as a black man about 35 years old, allegedly committed suicide during the intervention of law enforcement.

After the controversy raised by the wait-and-see attitude, failures and lies of the UValde policepresumably responsible for the deaths of some of the 19 children killed on May 24, the authorities have reported abundantly on the almost instant “Without hesitation” of the police (according to the mayor’s statement, expressing his “Deep gratitude”). Officers arrived at the scene rifle in hand “About five minutes” After receiving an emergency call, according to the city’s deputy police chief, they heard gunshots that took them to the first floor, to the victims and the gunman, who was armed with a pistol and a rifle. AR-15 semi-automatic assault – legally acquired weapons, the first Monday, the other just an hour before the drama. He will be found dead behind the door of the orthopedic office where he had set fire.

Among those killed was a surgeon who had performed a back operation on the killer a month earlier, who had returned several times to complain of pain and demand further treatment. The other victims are identified as another doctor, a receptionist and a patient whose courage, hailed by the Tulsa police chief on Thursday, would have allowed several others to escape. As early as Wednesday night, the investigation established a link between the killing – which was established to be premeditated and deliberately chosen – and a bomb alert identified at the home of the “Suspect”, in the village of Muskogee, 70 miles away, still under investigation the day after the events.

An identity gun culture

This is the 233th so-called “mass shooting” (at least four victims) in the United States since the beginning of the year by the Gun Violence Archive, which has killed more than 150 people. and some 400 injured in the last weekend alone. A viscerally conservative state in the South, Oklahoma has some of the most permissive laws regarding the movement and carrying of firearms. And, concerned about his radicalism on the front lines gun culture, which has an identity character in the country’s rural center, the local legislature even very singularly included in its law in 2020 an“Red flag law”, from the name of these laws put in place by certain states to disarm individuals reported as likely to pose a threat to themselves or others. A provision then proudly presented as “A defense of the second amendment to the Constitution” which, to this day, remains unmatched in the United States.

In the aftermath of the Uvalde massacre, the Secretary of Education of the State Government had issued a message in which he swept the thesis “A gun problem” : “It’s a matter of security and the ability of individuals to fight evil.” had he said, before repeatedly suggesting that teachers should be armed – and perhaps, in the light of the Tulsa tragedy, would he plead tomorrow to “equip” nurses and doctors as well?

Common sense measures

The excitement and anger aroused two weeks ago by Buffalo’s deadly shootings, d’Uvalde and dozens of others, tragically commonplace and in the meantime without access to widespread media coverage, rekindle calls for legislation to be finally legislated at the federal level to restrict the movement and carrying of firearms, generalize background checks, raising the minimum age to 21 or closing access to semi-automatic weapons to the public – such as those legally acquired by the UValde killer the day after his eighteenth birthday. On Wednesday night, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, reaffirmed her intention to put on the agenda for the next few days votes to ban the assault rifles from the shelves and to generalize the famous “Red flag laws”.

A very symbolic agitation, for in spite of the graduated plurality of options on the table and the symphony of exasperated indignations which is heard from all sides, it seems unlikely that this momentum will have any effect whatsoever. At issue is the powerlessness of the executive branch, and especially the lack of a Democratic super-majority in the Senate, where there is no doubt about the Republican obstruction, even for minimal and “Common sense”which Joe Biden calls from his vows from the White House.

And this is just one manifestation, among many others, of the partisan bipolarization that has been in place for a decade and the drift of American democratic institutions that gratify the most reactionary minority with a broad senatorial representation, consolidating thus the paralysis that awaits any initiative for progress. In 2020, a study by the Rand Corporation think tank He pointed out that the approximately 79 million people living in the 20 states with the highest gun ownership rates had elected nearly two-thirds of Republicans to the Senate (32 out of 50). That is to say, the 20 least heavily armed states were able to nominate Democratic legislators at the same time (32 out of 50 as well), despite their 192 million inhabitants.

Updated Thursday at 6:25 p.m .: Adding new known elements about weapons, victims’ identities and their connection to the killer


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