Anne-Sophie Lapix: Her husband has a tumor operated on in secret

Anne-Sophie Lapix: Her husband has a tumor operated on in secret

Married to journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix, businessman Arthur Sadoun had to undergo surgery to remove “a small cancerous tumor”, as Le Figaro Economie revealed on Friday, April 8, 2022.

Full presenter of the JT from 8 p.m. France 2since the ouster of David Pujadas in 2017Anne-Sophie Lapix has been sharing her life with businessman Arthur Sadoun for almost 15 years. They were married two years after the beginning of their relationship with the town hall of the 16th arrondissement of Paris on June 26, 2010. Chairman of the Board of Publicis since succeeding Maurice Lévy in 2017, Arthur Sadoun recently secretly played billiards. Indeed, according to information unveiled on Friday, April 8, 2022 in The Figaro economyAnne-Sophie Lapix’s companion had to undergo surgery to remove “a small cancerous tumor“.

“[Il] sent an internal video to all employees of the group in which he says he had surgery 15 days ago to remove a small cancerous tumor in the neck. He states that the operation went well and that he will undergo additional security treatment who will keep him in Paris during the months of May and June“At the head of a reconstituted family,” the newspaper said. Anne-Sophie Lapix and Arthur Sadoun are very discreet about their privacy. The presenter of the JT at 8 p.m. France 2 had made few confessions about her husband in an interview with the magazine SHE in 2017.

Anne-Sophie Lapix on her husband: “He does not know misogyny and is very respectful of my autonomy”

It is an essential support. He tells me interesting things that I don’t think about. This is very valuable because our brains do not work the same way! It opens up other perspectives for me, and vice versa. […] He knows no misogyny and is very respectful of my autonomy“For her part, Arthur Sadoun had spoken out in defense of his partner, when she was accused of being pistoned by him.”That’s enough! The first time I saw my wife was ten years ago: she was interviewing the Prime Minister at 8pm on TF1. She never needed my help or an address book. The rest is just pure sexism of another age and a lack of professionalism in some mediahe had said.

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