an unexpected side effect at least discovered

an unexpected side effect at least discovered

In the magazine Journal of Clinical Medicine, a team of researchers has discovered a new side effect following vaccination against Covid-19. This would force the people concerned to go to the toilet much more.

In France, 79.7% of the population received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine and 59.5% received three doses. Among them most common side effects, injection site pain, fever, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, chills, and diarrhea were reported. In the magazine Journal of Clinical Medicine, A Taiwanese team of researchers has discovered at least one unexpected side effect: urinary disorders! Referring to their research, they first stated: “Participation in this research was voluntary, therefore, subjects received no financial compensation or other incentives, which minimized information and selection bias.“The top three vaccines received were AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech.

New symptoms revealed

In this study, 13.4% of participants experienced side effects related to theirs urinary system. The most common disorder was urinary urgency, followed by increased urge to urinate, nocturnal awakenings to go to the bathroom, and finally, incontinence. That would have pushed 5.5% of them to see a doctor. “The results can be explained by the immune response generated by the vaccine. Immune system pathways are triggered after vaccination, which is somehow reflected in the urine.“The authors of this study said. To conclude, they added:”Further studies are needed to prove a causal association between vaccination and urinary symptoms.

The response of the humanitarian system to the vaccine

A few months earlier, the World Health Organization had said that it was common to feel a few side effects mild to moderate intensity, after receiving a vaccine. “They are due to the fact that your immune system requires your body to react in several ways: it increases blood flow so that more immune cells can circulateand it raises your internal temperature to kill the virus“, had been indicated.

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