an explosive case comes out on Neymar, the emir will settle his account

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This Saturday, L’Equipe is devoting two pages to Neymar, who has reportedly ended up tiring Qatar between his repeated injuries, his unprofessional lifestyle and the fact that he is not decisive in the Champions League. The sports daily took advantage of this to confirm what everyone suspects: in addition to earning big salaries at PSG, its stars are also signing huge contracts with Qatari companies. A way to get around the FPF and make sure they stay long … Neymar received € 20 million a year (!) From QNB before a revaluation in 2019 and is also under contract with Qatar Airways …

Prolonged last year, the Brazilian is now being pushed out by the emir, who realizes he doesn’t have the money and finds that the striker “prefers Paris to PSG”. But he knows he has very little chance of finding a buyer, given his service record and financial requirements. According to L’Equipe, Neymar should therefore take a double push from Doha, which would strongly suggest him to shine next season with PSG but also at the World Cup with Brazil …

To summarize

Neymar’s future at PSG is much talked about as the Emir of Qatar has grown tired of a player he has given a lot of money to through misappropriated sponsorship. But he knows he can’t break up this summer, a year after extending it.

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