an Assu 2000 employee testifies against Jacques Bouthier

an Assu 2000 employee testifies against Jacques Bouthier

Inès tells BFMTV that she was the victim of misplaced remarks and gestures by the former CEO of Assu 2000, who was being examined for trafficking in human beings and raping a minor.

Inès * defines herself as the “target” of Jacques Bouthier. For 2 and a half years, this Assu 2000 employee saw the CEO of the group land in her open space in Noisy-le-Sec and came to greet her, very heavily.

“When I shook hands, I noticed very quickly that he was very insistent,” she told BFTMV. “He squeezed my hand but didn’t want to let go. I later learned the reason: it was for the purpose of moving my chest.”

The young woman says she has been the subject of many misplaced remarks by Jacques Bouthier: “You are very beautiful today, you should wear dresses more often.” She also mentions caresses on her hair and shoulders. , pinching at his hips, “really a lot of touching.”

“I was entitled to phrases like ‘if you want I’ll take you home tonight, you can take a ride in my Mustang car,” she continues for BFMTV.

“I always had this little ball in my stomach”

She says she came across the CEO one night in the company’s parking lot, the latter warning her that he would follow her by car to her home. Inès then set up ploys to avoid Jacques Bouthier at all costs. She admits she even went so far as to hide in the toilet when he arrived.

“I always had this little ball in my stomach (…) I thought ‘don’t dress in a dress today, otherwise he’ll think about it if you ever come across him,'” says the young woman. “Don’t put on tops that are too short or a little too deep. I dressed according to him.”

Interviews with HRD that give nothing

In the open space, his colleagues notice the CEO’s carousel. The director and the HRD even told the young woman about it several times: “They called me and said ‘we see Jacques Bouthier’s actions towards you, we see these facts and these behaviors, there is nothing acceptable, it will change. “

“We’re going to make sure he doesn’t do that anymore, that it doesn’t happen again,” the director and the HRD reportedly told him, “but in the end nothing changed, the next day he came back, it was the same “

Actions that Jacques Bouthier allegedly pursued until his incarceration last May. Inès today plans to file a complaint for sexual harassment. Jacques Bouthier has already been tried and imprisoned for “trafficking in human beings” and “rape of a minor”. sexual harassment complaint. A complaint filed by a former Assu 2000 employee.

*: first name changed.

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