an artificial ear grafted for the first time

an artificial ear grafted for the first time



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A U.S. medical team has transplanted an ear implant from human cells. A 3D printer was required. Friday, June 3, Dr. Damien Mascret was on the set of 12/13 to talk about it.

An ear implant was grafted from human cells by an American medical team with a 3D printer. On really enters the era of custom prostheses with 3D bio-printers. The goal here was to rebuild the flag and the lobe of one ear. Because more than one in 10,000 babies born with a rare disease called microtia, that is, part of the outer ear, the lobe, the lobe, does not develop.“, explains Dr. Damien Mascret on the set of 12/13 on Friday, June 3. If a prosthesis is placed around the age of 5-6 years, because 80% of the size of the ear that one will have in adulthood is developed at this age, this times the patient was 20 years old.

The 3DBio experts first did a biopsy to take 1/2 gram of cartilage from the patient’s small portion of the ear. These are his own cells so there is no risk of rejection. Then the cells that make cartilage were multiplied in culture to get billions. Third step: these cells were mixed with a kind of collagen-based biological ink“explains the doctor. Finally, this ink was used to make the replica of the patient’s other well-developed ear.

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