An 83-year-old Japanese man manages to cross the Pacific alone

An 83-year-old Japanese man manages to cross the Pacific alone

After a life punctuated by sea crossings, Kenichi Horie announced that his boat would remain permanently in port.

An 83-year-old navigator arrived in Japan on Saturday, June 4, after a solo and non-stop crossing of the Pacific, becoming the oldest person to accomplish the feat, according to the organizers of the trip.

The arrival of the Japanese sea adventurer Kenichi Horie in the Kii Strait (western Japan) marked the end of a voyage of more than two months aboard the Suntory Mermaid III, which began in a port of Kii. San Francisco boating on March 27th. His public relations team said Horie’s return to Japan made him the oldest person in the world to have managed to cross the Pacific Ocean alone and non-stop. Her sailboat was equipped with solar panels.

Last feat of a sea wolf

«I’m about to cross the finish lineHorie wrote on his blog on Friday after what he described as a three-day battle against opposing currents. «I’m exhaustedHe launched.

This is the latest feat of this Japanese octogenarian who crossed the Pacific in 1962 at the age of 23, in violation of Japanese law prohibiting sailors from leaving the country sailing and thus entering illegally. in the United States.

60 years ago, “I was constantly anxious and stressed about getting caughtHe blogged in April. «But this time it’s different, I’ve been sent by a lot of people and I get their support through tracking systems and wireless radio».

Kenichi Horie accomplished other exploits at sea, including completing a 7,500-kilometer pedal boat ride in 1993 and embarking in 2008 on a Pacific cruise ship made of partly recycled material. had relied on the driving force of the waves.


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