Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp: Alleged Jury Swings True Reason for Actress's Conviction

Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp: Alleged Jury Swings True Reason for Actress’s Conviction

The trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp took place on Wednesday, June 1. An alleged juror spoke in order to reveal the real reason for the actress’ conviction.

The disappointment I feel goes beyond words“It’s with the”broken heart“Amber Heard has been charged. After six weeks of intense and violent trial, the jury handed down its verdict. The 36-year-old actress was facing Johnny Depp, who had filed a defamation suit following the publication of a forum in which she accused him – without naming him – of domestic violence. A trial that spilled a lot of ink. Every word, every gesture, every tear was closely analyzed by the spectators of this morbid show. After hearing the testimonies of key stakeholders and their loved ones, the jury of seven people rendered its verdict this Wednesday, June 1st. If Johnny Depp was convicted of defamation, it’s in a good way to a lesser extent than his ex-wife.

A man who claims to have been on the jury of this trial lifts the veil on their deliberations. It should be noted, however, that it is impossible to know whether this man is true. The names of the jurors will remain unknown for another year. The latter are still allowed to volunteer and share their experience. The man in question spoke during a TikTok video, stating that he wanted to remain anonymous, as reported by the DailyMail. During his registration, this alleged juror claims thatthey felt that Amber Heard was unreliableunlike Johnny Depp that they found much more credible. He even describes it as the instigator“Domestic violence. One of the pivotal moments was probably the revelation of a lie by Oonagh’s mother Paige Heard. When it was revealed that the latter did not not paid the full amount promised to an association fighting domestic violence, this jury concluded that if it lied about it, she could lie about anything.

The jury did not feel “empathy” for Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s lawyer praised Camille Vasquez before criticizing Amber Heard’s sister. argued that “by obligation. He also claims that the jury does not “hated“Not the accused. “No hatred, but most did not show empathy“To her, let go of this so-called jury. And to overbid:”From the beginning, when Amber Heard testified, everything seemed so strange in the way she tried to make eye contact with made me extremely uncomfortable“So much so that he.”he couldn’t look at her anymore“It simply came to our notice then ensure that you have been “fairly impartialin this trial, not “not following pop culture too much and not really being a fan of Johnny Depp or Amber Heard“. An objectivity that can be questioned as he admits that Amber Heardrecalled [son] ex and how she used to [le] manipulate. Yes “at the beginning of the deliberations“the verdict was not”not unanimous“,”everyone agreed she was more guilty than Johnny“This man concludes. Words which, if true, do not really show impartiality.

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