Amber Heard can't "pay" Johnny Depp, according to her lawyer

Amber Heard can’t “pay” Johnny Depp, according to her lawyer

Aligning zeros does not seem to be an option. Amber Heard can’t “absolutely” pay more than ten million dollars damages to her ex-husband Johnny Depp for defaming her in the press, as required by the verdict handed down by an American jury on Wednesday, the actress’ lawyer said on Thursday. Johnny Depp came out the winner of this high-profile trialeven though the jurors concluded that the two stars had slandered each other.

Asked by NBC if her client could pay the $ 10.4 million in damages, Elaine Bredehoft replied, “Oh no, absolutely not.” The lawyer, who believes Amber Heard was “demonized” by Johnny Depp’s legal team, said she intended to appeal the decision.

“Malicious intent”

After about 13 hours of deliberations in a court near Washington, the seven jurors ruled in favor of Johnny Depp on the three grounds of his defamation suit, awarding him $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in damages. increased damages.

Clearly, these five men and two women unanimously believed that Amber Heard had made false statements by describing herself as a victim of domestic violenceand that she had acted “with malicious intent,” even though she did not name her ex-husband in the text.

Big discount for damages

However, the Fairfax, Virginia court has reduced the amount of damages increased to $ 350,000 under the maximum legal amount in force in the state, bringing the amount owed by Amber Heard to her ex-husband to 10.4 million. . At the same time, the jury also ruled that Johnny Depp, 58, had defamed Amber Heard, awarding her $ 2 million in financial compensation.

The 36-year-old actress on Wednesday expressed her “inexpressible disappointment” in a statement following the announcement of the verdict. “I am devastated that the mountain of evidence has not been enough to deal with my husband’s much greater power, influence and ancestry,” she said.

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