Maladie d’Alzheimer : 75 facteurs de risques génétiques découverts

Alzheimer’s disease: 75 genetic risk factors discovered

The discovery of French scientists opens up new perspectives in the treatment of the disease. © Adobe stock

French researchers have just identified 75 genes associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 42 of them are new. They open up new perspectives in screening and treatment.

A French discovery

This discovery was made by French researchers from Inserm, the Institut Pasteur de Lille, the CHU de Lille and the University of Lille. They identified 42 new genetic factors in the Alzheimer’s disease. This is about 1 million 200,000 people in France. Their results have just been published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Towards Better Alzheimer’s Screening?

This team of researchers detected 75 regions of the genome (called loci) associated with Alzheimer’s disease, including 42 new ones. Based on their results, French scientists created a genetic risk score. The goal is to better assess people who may have Alzheimer’s among people with cognitive impairment.

Evaluate the interest of treatments

“This tool (…) could be very useful in setting up therapeutic trials to categorize participants according to their risk and better assess the value of drugs tested, ”said Jean-Charles Lambert, who led the study.

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