Algiers breaks with Spain as a "punishment" for its rapprochement with Morocco

Algiers breaks with Spain as a “punishment” for its rapprochement with Morocco

Algeria has denounced the treaty of friendship with Madrid, causing a panic in the business community.


“It’s crazy!” I don’t know how we’re going to do it! Do you realize? Spain is Algeria’s fourth largest customer and fourth largest supplier! ” The strangled voice, an Algiers-based commercial intermediary, is trying hard to recover from the sudden decision announced by the Algerian presidency at the end of the day on Wednesday, June 8, to suspend the treaty of friendshipGood Neighborhood and Cooperation, concluded in 2002 with Spain.

Within hours, a wind of panic was blowing in the business community, which would be most affected by the immediate consequences of this sanction: the freeze on business transactions for products and services. “Corrugated board, ceramics, coils of iron, wood for construction… Importers are crying”, assures an Algerian business leader who is wondering “If the gas is also affected”.


Algerian gas, the nerve of the war – it still accounts for 25% of the gas consumed in Spain, which made…

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