Alexander Zverev defeats Carlos Alcaraz in four sets and leads in the semifinals

Alexander Zverev defeats Carlos Alcaraz in four sets and leads in the semifinals

On May 8, in the final in Madrid, Carlos Alcaraz had beaten Alexander Zverev (6-3, 6-1), he is really exhausted by a very late night. The German chose his time well to take revenge. On a hot, hot Philippe-Chatrier court, he eliminated the Spanish prodigy (19 years old) 6-4, 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (7) in the quarterfinals. Already in the last square last year (beaten by Stefanos Tsitsipas), he is the one who will challenge the winner of the Djokovic-Nadal clash in half.

Alcaraz got himself booked for a foul. And it was he who cracked at 2 everywhere, where he chained a direct foul and a service-flight sequence far too adventurous. Zverev’s service and his remarkable ball length disturbed him. He felt nervous and unsure of his tennis. To the point of committing 16 direct fouls in 43 minutes, a very unusual total for him. Despite a few sensible shots, it was Zverev who imposed his greatest regularity. The German ended the inning on two reverse attacks (6-4).

Alexander Zverev in the service. (N. Luttiau / The Team)

The metronome Zverev

The second set was almost the exact copy of the first. At 2-1, Alcaraz got the first break opportunity but a completely caviar return canceled it out. At 3-3, two new errors and a superb counterattack from Zverev put him at the foot of the wall at 15-40. A bad flight-service sequence cost him his service.

Very stable, Zverev held the reins of the game firmly. The Spaniard got a chance to break at 5-4 but he committed yet another foul in reverse. Clearly stressed, annoyed by his own approximations, he rushed too much and multiplied the blunders (16 direct fouls, just like in the first act). Strongly backed by his service (80% of first balls in the second set!), Zverev took advantage to detach 6-4, 6-4, after 1:29.


Alexander Zverev wins Carlos Alcaraz’s first Top 10 victory in a Grand Slam tournament on Tuesday

A fantastic fourth inning

More undecided, the third inning decided on the last two games. At 4-4, 30-40, Alcaraz deflected a near-game ball by slipping a formidable cushion. A tactic he repeated throughout the last game. Despite his desperate forward runs, Zverev was unable to catch a bullet that crashed right behind the net.

The culmination of an extraordinary match of intensity, the fourth set went up in volume to a tumultuous tie-break. The German was thought to have sounded the loss of his service when he had served 5-4. But his determination and commitment to strikes eventually made all the difference. At 6-5, Alcaraz ruined a set ball by fouling in reverse. At 8-7, Zverev unleashed a formidable winning comeback to put an end to this 3:18 iron arm.


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