After 80 years of separation, a World War II refugee finds her biological daughter

After 80 years of separation, a World War II refugee finds her biological daughter

Incredible reunions took place between a woman and her biological mother. At the age of 18, Gerda Cole gave birth to a baby girl in 1942 in England. Three years earlier, the Austrian woman had had to flee her country and the Nazis. Too young and without financial means, she had therefore decided to entrust her baby to a family, she says West France which reports information from the Washington Post.

One of the conditions of adoption was not to seek contact with the child named Sonya. Gerda Cole had continued her life in Toronto, Canada, and she never had other children.

Helping her son

Sonya Grist, 79, has found her biological mother through her son. Wanting to gain European citizenship, he sought information about his Austrian roots.

He was able to collect several items but one was missing: the death certificate of his grandmother, Gerda Cole, who actually resided in a retirement home. A document he tried to obtain by contacting one of the woman’s sons-in-law through social media. The latter then told her that she was still alive.

She wants to go back to England

“My first reaction was that I wanted to go see her. I was thrilled, ”said Sonya Grist. A situation that was less easy for her mother, on the other hand, was so difficult to remember: “I made so many mistakes, and yet Sonya wanted to meet me. It’s amazing. »

Mother and daughter were able to see each other again in May 2022 to celebrate Gerda Cole’s 98th birthday. “When we first kissed, there was an immediate connection,” she said. Today, the old lady even thinks of going back to London to be as close as possible to her daughter.

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