Adrien Bocquet's lies about his trip to Ukraine - Liberation

Adrien Bocquet’s lies about his trip to Ukraine – Liberation

The former military man claims to have witnessed several war crimes committed by Ukrainian soldiers, but according to our investigation, this story is a fabric of lies.

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Adrien Bocquet has been scouring the set for days to deliver the story of his humanitarian trip to Ukraine. He says he witnessed war crimes committed in Boutcha by soldiers from Kyiv, members of the Azov Regiment. His claims were even echoed by the Russian government in a document distributed to the United Nations. If the war crimes he describes existed and were documented by the press, the former military man could not witness them. according to the survey of Release.

In this video, Alexandre Horn, a reporter for CheckNews, explains why Adrien Bocquet’s statements do not hold up. Whether it’s the fights he claimed to have witnessed, the course of his stay, or the “unpublished” videos he claims to have brought back. Its different, contradictory versions oscillate between fables and grotesque lies.

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