According to Newsweek, Putin was treated for cancer in April

According to Newsweek, Putin was treated for cancer in April

Vladimir Putin reportedly received treatment for cancer “at an advanced stage” in April, according to the US weekly Newsweek, which quotes three senior US intelligence officials. The debate over his health is revived.

U.S. intelligence is closely monitoring Vladimir Putin’s health. According to the weekly Newsweeka report by Washington in late May says the Russian president was treated for cancer “at an advanced stage” before reappearing in the media in April.

The U.S. magazine cites three senior US intelligence officials on condition of anonymity, “in three different agencies”: one working for the National Intelligence Agency (DNI) office, and one for the National Intelligence Agency. of Defense (DIA) and a former Air Force officer.

“It would do us all good if Vladimir Putin died.”

Within the Kremlin, “everyone feels the end is near,” one of those sources summed up Newsweek.

“It would suit us all if Vladimir Putin died (…) but cancer can be dragged on for a very long time,” Sergei Zhirnov, a former KGB intelligence officer, told BFMTV.

He claims to have “concordant sources” in Russia, who tell him that Vladimir Putin “has been followed by oncologists for two years,” and that “the April operation was under local anesthesia in the abdomen.” suggest “sequelae of pancreatic cancer.”

In April, the Russian independent media Project Vladimir Putin speculated that he was suffering from thyroid cancer.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, information about the Russian president’s health has been published regularly. At the end of May, Sergei Lavrov, head of diplomacy in Moscow, had assured Vladimir Putin that he was fine.

“I don’t think anyone with a full head can see any signs of illness or condition in this person (Putin),” the Russian foreign minister said, stressing “daily” appearances. of its leader.

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