A web series dares to talk about the sexuality of young people with cancer

A web series dares to talk about the sexuality of young people with cancer

Their names are Lucas, Nadia, Alexandre, Charlotte. But fate caught up with them in the form of a lymphoma, an ovarian sarcoma, a cancer of the testicle or breast. So inevitably, the relationship to the world and their bodies has changed. They tell it in a seven-episode web series, dubbed Without taboos.

These characters are all actors, but the reality is there, rooted in the daily lives of doctors and psychologists at the Oscar-Lambret Cancer Center in Lille, in the north. In France, about 1,900 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in adolescents and young adults.

Is cancer contagious?

For these patients, sexuality is a major issue, as he points out the 3rd cancer plan initiated by the government for the period 2014-2019. “Caring for sexual health and intimate life is an integral part of care,” said Dr. Cyril Lervat, a pediatric oncologist at the Oscar-Lambret Center.

Is cancer contagious? Can we make love during treatments? Isn’t that likely to make the disease worse? The clinic of the hospital center of Lille has decided to release the speech on the subject, producing this web series with the help of the northern company La Belle Histoire. A theater troupe that knows the hospital world well since its artistic director, Stéphane Van de Rosieren, is the founder of the Clowns of hope.

About 300 young people are being monitored for cancer

The first episode has been put online, Wednesday, on Oscar-Lambret’s YouTube channel. “The other six episodes will be aired in the fall, a time to evaluate and test their effectiveness with Oscar-Lambret patients,” says Cyril Lervat. Then, health professionals are free to use this educational tool to explore different sexual situations and orientations.

At Oscar-Lambret, about 300 young people are being monitored for cancer. “It’s also a matter of fighting the received ideas,” Dr. Lervat said. The fulfillment of love is necessary for healing. The disease it certainly has repercussions, but it must not take over. »

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