A study proves the effectiveness of vitamin D in elderly patients

A study proves the effectiveness of vitamin D in elderly patients

Cited by some experts Among the potential pandemic treatments, is vitamin D really effective against severe forms of Covid-19? Yes, says today the Angers University Hospital, which comes from communicate the results of the Covit-Trial study, which she piloted. “With a very high level of evidence,” the findings show “the value of a high dose of vitamin D, administered within 72 hours of diagnosis. Covid-19to frail seniors who have contracted the infection, ”the hospital said in a statement.

Between April and December 2020, 260 patients over the age of 65 from nine CHUs and their Ehpads participated in this study. Within three days of diagnosis, some received a standard dose of vitamin D while for others the dose was much higher. In the end, a “significant reduction in the death rate” was found.

Anti-inflammatory effects

“This result is important and consistent with what we know about the anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin D, significantly reducing the risk of death at 14 days, and clearly avoiding the inflammatory rash and cytokine storm observed in the severe forms of Covid-19, ”observes Cédric Annweiler, head of the geriatric department at Angers University Hospital.

The authors of the study therefore recommend that “satisfactory vitamin D status be achieved as soon as possible in the elderly with Covid-19, using high-dose supplementation as soon as it is diagnosed.”

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